Mystical Jeju : Jeju Stone Park (제주돌문화공원)

Ending our memorable morning @ Eco Land Theme Park (에코랜드테마파크), our next destination would be Jeju Stone Park (제주돌문화공원).

My first trip to Jeju-do (제주도) several years ago, because it was early winter evening when we arrive at Jeju Stone Park (제주돌문화공원), it was already closed. Therefore, we missed the opportunity to explore this mystical place. So glad that I had the opportunity to return and is finally able to check out Jeju Stone Park (제주돌문화공원).

Jeju Stone Park (제주돌문화공원), located in Jocheon-eup, is a museum and an ecological comprehensive park showing the stone culture inherent in the live of the people in Jeju-do (제주도). It focuses on the myth of Seolmundae Halmang (Grandmother Seolmundae), the creator of Jeju Island and the stones of Obaek Janggun (the Five Hundreds Generals).that has been passed down from a long long time ago.

Jeju Stone Park (제주돌문화공원) was rewarded by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as A rated in recognition that the park is excellent in terms of theme stones featuring the characteristics that are related to the mythology and the life of the people in Jeju-do (제주도). Jeju Stone Park (제주돌문화공원) is created in consideration of the past, present and future of the Jeju-do (제주도) stone culture.


More information on Jeju Stone Park (제주돌문화공원):

Admission / Participation Fees
Individuals: Adults 5,000 won / Teenagers 3,500 won
Groups: Adults 4,000 won / Teenagers 2,800 won

* Adults (ages 19-64) / Teenagers (ages 13-18)
* Free admission: Children (ages 12 and under) & Seniors (ages 65 and more), people with disabilities plus one guardian, etc. * Purchasing online tickets to get a discount.

Parking Facilities
Available (Large sized-cars: 63 / Small sized-cars: 363)

Parking Fee

Phone reservation available

Info. Services for Koreans
Digital guide (audio device): 44 devices available
– Available upon presenting ID card at the ticketing booth
– Free use

(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)


We started our exploration of Jeju Stone Park (제주돌문화공원) from Course 1 where we covered about 1,300m of the huge area. We walked past through the Path of Legend and the forest that leads us to the Stone Museum where we see a lot of the history of Jeju-do (제주도) and the stone culture.

After the Stone Museum, we head to the Outdoor Exhibitions and Dol Harubang where we explore Obaek Jang Goon Gallery and Mother’s Room.

Next, it is Course 2 of Jeju Stone Park (제주돌문화공원) where we see the stone culture displayed in the thatched roof-style Jeju Stone Culture Exhibition Hall where some of the stone are actually from the pre-historical period being displayed along the forest path. Course 2 covers an area of almost 970m.

The final Course 3 covers an area of 1,080m displaying Dol-Han Ma-Eul (replica of Jeju Traditional Village with the thatched-roof house). On this course, we are privilege to be able to observed Malbangakgan where horse-drawn mill are exhibited and several type of traditional Jeju Stone Residences. We were also very lucky to be able to see the filming of historical drama. What a rare opportunity! Lucky us!

What originally planned for an hour exploration ended up over two hours in Jeju Stone Park (제주돌문화공원). A truly world-class cultural park, Jeju Stone Park (제주돌문화공원) is a MUST visit when you are planning a trip to Jeju. Don’t missed this beautiful and educational cultural place on Mystical Jeju.


After the long, memorable and tiring morning of walking around 2 fascinating places of interest, we had indeed build up a good appetite for our late lunch. So, we head off for a good lunch of Kalguksu (칼국수), ‘knife noodles’ of steaming hot noodle soup made handmade and knife-cut. Our soup based are made from wild chicken.

Stay tune for our after lunch adventure!



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