Mystical Jeju : Seongeup Folk Village (성읍민속마을)

From Abu Oreum (아부오름), we head off to our final stop for the day…. Seongeup Folk Village (성읍민속마을).

Seongeup Folk Village (성읍민속마을) is located at the foot of Halla Mountain on  Jeju-do (제주도). It is a life museum in a small town filled with culture of  Jeju-do (제주도).

Seongeup Folk Village (성읍민속마을) is a cultural folk village that comprises of residential houses, Confucian Shrines, schools, ancient government offices and residential, stone statues, fortress ruins and stone monuments. Here, apart from the cultural gems of the folk village are also cultural assets of folk plays, native foods, local craftsmanship and local dialects. Several zelkova and nettle trees that are hundreds of years old stand at the center of the village, preserving dignified atmosphere of the bygone era had even become an important part of the heritage around Seongeup Folk Village (성읍민속마을).

Seongeup Folk Village (성읍민속마을) shows the unique culture of  Jeju-do (제주도). The black lava rock walls, alleys that are straight yet curvy where required to block the wind, stone grandfather statues (Harubang), Hanbongil’s old house and many more beautiful cultural sight.

We were very fortunate that our friendly local guide drove us around Seongeup Folk Village (성읍민속마을) and only stopping where necessary for us to get down for exploration on foot.

Seongeup Folk Village (성읍민속마을) ends Day 2 exploration of the Mystical Jeju. We ended the day with yummy BBQ Beef dinner.


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