Mystical Jeju : Back into the Ancient Time @ Jeju Dinosaur Land (제주공룡랜드)

Day 8 – today, we started the day with bringing ourselves back into the ancient time…. Exploration to Jeju Dinosaur Land (제주공룡랜드), much to the delights of the boys especially my youngest whom simply love dinosaurs. it just amazed me that he could recognized each type of dinosaurs and named their scientific name…. now, if only his studies are at the same level…. I would be a happy mum…. 🙂

A theme park devoted to these huge creatures that are already extinct, Jeju Dinosaur Land (제주공룡랜드) is a huge park. It also features a huge parrot safari giving the visitors opportunity to feed the birds, Dinosaur Fossil Marine Museum, Natural History Museum, 3D Theater, Pottery Experience Center and many more interesting places.

As we walk into Jeju Dinosaur Land (제주공룡랜드), we saw a lot of many beautiful dinosaur replicas with their names and a brief introduction of the species.

As we arrived at the main place, we saw a huge Brachiosaurus, known as the world’s biggest known dinosaur standing at 28-meter height. Wow! Amazing isn’t it?



At the Pyeonghwa Square, there were a beautiful waterfall and more dinosaurs. What a beautiful sight!


Then into the Dinosaur Cave where we discover more dinosaurs …. amazing as they could move slightly and could make sound too….. imagine the delights of the kids….

We explored the Museum of Natural History which features many beautiful fossils…. and because timing was just right, we were privilege to be able to enjoy the 3D animation show about the adventure of a boy with his robot friend to the land of the dinosaur. Entertaining show indeed.

We skip the Botanical Garden, Parrot Safari and heading straight to the Pony Rides area because the boys does not have much interest in those areas as they had visit similar places numerous times back in our own home country as well other countries / zoos that we had visited in the past. Unfortunately, to the little one disappointment, there were no one around manning the Pony Rides.

That ends our morning and first adventure of the day…. Jeju Dinosaur Land (제주공룡랜드), definitely a worth visiting especially for those lovers of these huge creatures.


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