Mystical Jeju : Exploration of Soingook Theme Park (소인국테마파크), Jeju Aerospace Museum (제주항공우주박물관)

Ending our exciting morning with a fun filled visit to Alive Museum (박물관은 살아있다), we head for a quick buffet lunch that is available in a restaurant just next to Soingook Theme Park (소인국테마파크) before proceeding to the park for the next exploration.

One of Jeju-do (제주도) major attraction, Soingook Theme Park (소인국테마파크) covers about 20,000 square meters of land holding various miniature versions of famous attractions from around the world. Over 100 architectural wonders and UNESCO World Heritage sites are represented in Soingook Theme Park (소인국테마파크).

It was a super hot summer afternoon. We had a quick tour around checking out famous architecture that also includes Korea’s Bulguksa Temple, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Jageumseong Castle, The Great Wall of China, Osaka Castle and many more.

Soingook Theme Park (소인국테마파크) also features traditional cultural experience with Jeju-do (제주도) Rock’s culture, folk religion and many more.

Completing our exploration of Soingook Theme Park (소인국테마파크), we head next to Jeju Aerospace Museum (제주항공우주박물관) alternatively known as JAM.

Jeju Aerospace Museum (제주항공우주박물관) is an aviation and space-themed museum under the management of Jeju Airport that provides both educational and entertainment through its exhibitions and many interesting experience programs.

Here, we saw many representative of the world’s history in aerospace technology and space science. There were many retired planes that are displayed in the hall. Astronomy-related stories from the ancient times to the early days of space exploration are also showcased.

Through the exhibition, visitors can travel back 13.7 billion years to learn more about the creation of the universe and discover interesting facts about our solar system, the galaxy and massive black holes. The museum also presents diverse hands-on activities such as touching actual meteorites, sitting in the cockpit of real aircraft, and future space exploration through a cutting-edge multimedia experience.

A truly amazing experience, it was indeed a memorable visit to Jeju Aerospace Museum (제주항공우주박물관).

A quick stop in O’Sulloc Green Tea Museum and Innisfree Shop to get some shopping done before we head to our next excitement for the afternoon.


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