Mystical Jeju : Revisit to Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성)

After the hot yet exciting visit to Exploration of Soingook Theme Park (소인국테마파크), we head off to our last activity of the day…… Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성).

I had back in March this year, wrote about my memorable visit to Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성) – Please head over to this one to find out more about this beautiful place. Therefore this visit is my revisit but with some extra exploration that we missed the last time round.

I was glad that I pre-booked the Entrance Tickets to Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성) in advance from as when we arrived, there were a long queue waiting to buy tickets. We managed to safe some time waiting in line and had more time for our exploration. Yeah!

This time round, while exploring Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성), my sons’ excitement over the dinosaur lead us into the Forest which lead to more discovery of the beautiful glass features all over.

After spending close to 45 minutes walking the trail forest path of Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성), we finally found our way out. We continued with the tour around the beautiful garden before heading off, bringing with us, memorable and wonderful memories of Jeju Glass Castle (제주 유리의성).

Because we love the BBQ Beef so much, we return for another wonderful BBQ Beef dinner to end our wonder and memorable Day 6.



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