Mystical Jeju : Beautiful View of Yongyeon Bridge (용연다리) & Yongduam Rock (용두암)

Ending our first adventure of the day @ Jeju Dinosaur Land (제주공룡랜드), our next exploration is Yongyeon Bridge (용연다리).

Yongyeon Bridge (용연다리), located just 200 metres east of Yongduam Rock (용두암). Yongyeon (용연) means the playground where dragon used to play. There is a beautiful lake with cliffs that harmonized with dense forest and rocks providing a magnificent view of the area. Indeed a serene and beautiful place to get inspirations. It is said that this is also a very popular dating spot in the evening.

After a short walk across and back on Yongyeon Bridge (용연다리), we head off to our next destination, Yongduam Rock (용두암).

A popular tourist destination, Yongduam Rock (용두암) is also known as Dragon Head Rock. Situated to the north of Jeju-do (제주도), Yongduam Rock (용두암) was created by strong winds and waves over thousands of years.

The legend on how comes about is the story of a dragon stealing precious jade from Mt. Halla that was shot down bu an arrow by the mountain deity. When the dragon fell down on Yongduam Rock (용두암), its body immediately sank into the ocean while the head rapidly froze looking at the sky.

Although, this is a beautiful and popular tourist site in Jeju-do (제주도)Yongduam Rock (용두암) is too crowded for my liking. The dragon head on the rock is now not entirely a dragon head as the years of waves and strong wind had change the shape of the stone.

Now, off we go to our next stop! Stay tune!



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