Mystical Jeju : Oedolgae Rock (외돌개)

Time flies indeed. It is already Day 9 of our South Korea Summer Vacation. The day started with exploration to Oedolgae Rock (외돌개).

Oedolgae Rock (외돌개), Historical Site No. 79 (Designated on June 30, 2011) is located not far from the shores of Sammaebong, Seongwipo. Oedolgae Rock (외돌개) is an amazing 10 meters rock and 20 meters in height. It is also known as Janggunseok Rock that is surrounded by beautiful islands of Bum Island, Sae Island and Seonnyu Rock.

In the popular 2003 TV drama series, Daejangguem (대장금), Oedolgae Rock (외돌개) was one of the filming location where Hansangoong faced her death under the false accusation while being carried on Daejanggeum’s back.

Oedolgae Rock (외돌개) and its fields of reeds in the extensive ranch is a fantastic place for trekking (which is exactly what we did to start our day). The hike was not too tough although there were some steep steps that are required.

It is said that the sunset of Bum Island that is seen from Oedolgae Rock (외돌개) is one of the essential stop for tourists to Jeju-do (제주도).

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