Mystical Jeju : Sanbangsan Mountain (산방산)

Completing the beautiful and scenic exploration of Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff (대포동지삿개) which is a recommendation by our friendly guide cum host, we head over to our next exciting adventure on the Mystical Island of  Jeju-do (제주도), Sanbangsan Mountain (산방산).

Sanbangsan Mountain (산방산) is a designated Jeju Island Geopark as well as New 7 Wonders of Nature. It is also commonly known as Mt. Sanbangsan.

Sanbangsan Mountain (산방산), a huge body of lave was formed from the violent volcanic activity more than 700,000 years ago. On the southern side of the lave dome, are the cliffs marked with rich variety of curious formations, some as high as 200m.

The name ‘sanbang’ (산방) means ‘a cave inside a mountain’. Therefore there is a cave located about 150m above sea level with a spectacular view out over the ocean. The upper slopes of Sanbangsan Mountain (산방산) are protected for their botanical research value.

Be prepared for a good climb up and down steep Sanbangsan Mountain (산방산). However, the scenic view along the way and up on top are worth it definitely.

More information on Sanbangsan Mountain (산방산):

*Height above sea level: 395.2m/ Height above ground-level: 345m/ Circumference: 3,780m / Area: 988,332㎡/ Diameter 1,314m


N/A (Open all year round)
* Subject to change depending on the weather conditions

30 min

Operating Hours
Winter Season 08:00-17:00 / Summer Season 08:00-18:00
※ Subject to change depending on unforeseen conditions
※ Closing time is flexibly changed, so inquire before visiting.

Parking Facilities
Available (Public parking lot (free) / Paid parking lot)

Admission Fees
Individuals – Adults 1,000 won / Military, Youths & Children 500 won
Groups – Adults 700 won / Military, Youths & Children 400 won

※ Free admission for men of national merits, seniors and the disabled
※ Groups: 10 people or more

From Jeju International Airport,
Take bus 37(Jejudae, Beonde) (37 (제주대, 번데)) and get off after 6 stops at ‘Halla hospital(한라병원)’
(Bus 500 (Wolpyeong, Halladae) (500(제주대, 한라대)), or bus 500 (Yeongjugo, Oedo) (500 (제주대, 외도) also take you to ‘Halla hospital(한라병원)’)
Transfer to bus Pyeonhwaro (Jeju, Hwasun, Daejeong) (평화로 (제주, 화순, 대정)) and get off at ‘Sanbangsan Mountain (산방산)’. (Travel time: 1hr 30 min).

From Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal,
Take intercity bus Seoilju (Seogwi, Sagye, Gosan) (서일주 (서귀, 사계, 고산)) and get off after 21 stops at ‘Sanbangsan Mountain (산방산)’ (Travel time: 50 min)

Unfortunately for us, the weather was too windy for us to explore more on Sanbangsan Mountain (산방산), so after a quick tour around, we head off to our next activity of the day. Stay tune for my next post!

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