Mystical Jeju : Learning @ Jeju Haenyeo Museum (해녀박물관)

Working up an appetite after our morning @ Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak (성산일출봉), we head off for a satisfying not to be missed Korean food. The highlight of course is haemul jeongol (해물전골), seafood hot pot or Korean stew. It is delicious and one is able to see the live abalone moving……. definitely not to be missed dish when one is visiting  Jeju-do (제주도) especially because abalone in  Jeju-do (제주도) is fresh and delicious.


One not to be missed popular dish that you must try when in  Jeju-do (제주도) is the Jeonbokjuk (전복죽), commonly known as Abalone Porridge.


After our satisfying lunch, our next activity is actually an educational one where we learn and understand about Haenyeo (해녀), the famous female divers of Jeju-do (제주도) are also known as Mothers of Jeju @ Jeju Haenyeo Museum (해녀박물관).

Haenyeo (해녀) are female divers who dive into the ocean gathering various shellfish and seaweed without using any underwater diving equipment. When diving, the Haenyeo (해녀) only carries a pair of goggles, a round ball-like tube to keep balance and a basket to collect her harvest of the day.

Jeju Haenyeo Museum (해녀박물관) is established to show and bring the unique activities and culture of Jeju-do (제주도).

Our visit here started with a short presentation on Haenyeo (해녀). Then we walked about the various exhibition halls.

Exhibition Hall 1 (Haenyeo Diver’s Life) – introducing the traditional haenyeo’s home and traditional meals. Here, we learn more about their daily lives. We are also able to see some of the utensils used by Haenyeo (해녀).

Exhibition Hall 2 – showcasing the equipment and traditional working outfit as well as the historical records and any Haenyeo (해녀) related materials.

Themed as ‘The Sea’, Exhibition Hall 3 showcase the fishing industry of Jeju. Here, one are able to see the traditional fishing equipment and some small ship models as well.

Level 4 of Jeju Haenyeo Museum (해녀박물관) is a beautiful observatory with an excellent view of the Hado-ri area. Here, there are many exhibits of various photos of Haenyeo (해녀).

More information on Jeju Haenyeo Museum (해녀박물관):

Structure Size
Site area of 4,002㎡ (1 underground and 3 above ground floors)

Facilities for the Handicapped
Wheel chair free rental service, disabled parking lot, disabled toilet, elevator

Main Facilities
Media room, exhibition hall 1, 2 and 3, museum shop, haenyeo experience for children, outdoor exhibition

Subsidiary Facilities
Observatory, museum shop


Admission / Participation Fees
Adult (24-64) 1,100 won / Group 800 won
Youth (13-24) 500 won / Group 300won
※ Group : 10 or more people

Parking Facilities

Parking Fee

(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Take bus No.100 or No.200 from Jeju International Airport and get off at Jeju Bus Terminal
→ Take the bus bound for Sehwa and Seongsan and get off at Jeju Haenyeo Japan Resistance Movement Memorial Park in Hado-ri, Gujwa-eup (Travel time: takes 60 minutes)

Now…. off we go for the final adventure of Day 10 on Jeju-do (제주도). Another UNESCO World Heritage Site…. so stay tune!

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