Mystical Jeju : Morning excursion to Udo Island (우도)

Time flies…. It is already Day 11 of our South Korea Summer Vacation, last day (Day 7) in Jeju-do (제주도). We have an exciting day ahead of us…..

Our day start with an exciting excursion to the beautiful and scenic island of Udo Island (우도). Situated off the eastern coast of Jeju-do (제주도), Udo Island (우도) resembled a lying cow, hence the name. It is an island boasts with fertile soil, abundant fishes, rich in local heritages, scenic sights and many natural attraction around the island.

Our excursion start with ferry ride over to Udo Island (우도). We were very privilege because our guide cum host decided to drive us over to Udo Island (우도). So off we go, human and car onto the ferry. Udo Island (우도) here we come!

The two ports on the island, Udo Port and Haumokdong Port with the beautiful sea surrounding of 25,863 km had designated  Udo Island (우도) as Udo Maritime Park since January 2001. It is said that  Udo Island (우도) gives visitors the privilege of appreciating the best maritime tourism. Submarine tour are also available on  Udo Island (우도), although we pass the opportunity due to the limited time we have on hand.

For those who are not driving into Udo Island (우도), cute electric motors are available for rent to explore the island. Bicycles are also available for rent. My next visit to Udo Island (우도), I want to rent these cute electric motor to explore the island instead….


Our first stop on Udo Island (우도)…… Seobin Baeksa Beach, designated the the Natural Manument No 438, a white beautiful beach that has appeared regularly in films and TV commercials. The scenic view of Seobin Baeksa is simply breathtaking with the beautiful sight of white sandy beach with emerald sea.

Our lovely guide cum host drove us around the island for more scenic view. Such a beautiful island….. I am so in love!

Jeonheungdong Pavilion / Lighthouse where Beacon Mound (Mang-roo) is located

Bong-soo meaning ‘beacon(bong)’ and ‘smoke(soo)’ is the military communication facility which was used to convey urgent messages during Joseon Dynasty. The use of Bongsoo for military purpose is believed to have started during Goryeo dynasty.

One of the highlight of Udo Island (우도) is Udobong Peak-Deungdae (Lighthouse) – (우도봉), standing at 132.50 m at the highest spot of Udo Island (우도) offering an outstanding scenic view of the island at a glance. It was quite a climb up but definitely worth it when you get up there….

But before that, check out the beautiful scenic view of Someori Oreum (쇠머리오름) while enjoying the cold refreshing mango juice…… Perfect for the hot summer day on Udo Island (우도).

Someori Oreum (쇠머리오름)

Before that, don’t miss out trying the popular mango and peanut ice-cream from the popular Jimmy’s Natural Ice-Cream. There will always be a queue but highly recommended, so don’t miss these.

After our climb of Udobong Peak-Deungdae (Lighthouse) – (우도봉) we did another quick round the island to see the beautiful scenic view one more time before heading off to the terminal to take the ferry back onto the main island of Jeju-do (제주도) for a quick lunch before heading to our next exploration.


More information on Udo Island (우도):

* Area site: 6.18 k㎡

+82-64-783-0533, +82-64-728-4333

N/A (Open all year round)

Activity Information
Bicycle Tour
Venue: 13km-long beachside road
Travel time: 2-3 hours
Bike rental: 1 hour 2,000 won / 3 hours 5,000 won
Inquiries: +82-64-783-0516, +82-64-784-4646

Speed Boat
Fee: 10,000 won per person
Inquiries: +82-64-784-6678

Jet Ski
Fee: 10,000-20,000 won per person
Inquiries: +82-64-782-8277

Sea Fishing
Seondol fishing company: +82-64-783-4040
Gonjo fishing company: +82-64-783-9869
Hayansanho fishing company: +82-64-784-7070

* Course 1 (13km beachside road): Seobinbaeksa Beach-Jeonheungdong Pavilion/Lighthouse-Hagosudong Beach–Geommeolle Beach-Dongangyeonggul Cave
* Course 2 (2km Udobong Peak): Udobong Peak-Deungdae (Lighthouse) Museum-Jiducheongsa-Jeonjingwansan Mountain

Bus Tour
* Udo Shuttle bus
Fare: Adults 800 won / Children 400 won
Duration: 30 min
Inquiries: +82-64-782-6000
* Udo Tour bus
Fare: 5,000 won per person
Duration: 2 hours

Admission Fees
Adult 1,000 won / Students (ages 14-19) 500 won
* Free: Children (ages 2-13)

Available Facilities
Accommodations, camping, restaurants, shower rooms, experience centers, etc.


[Bus + Ferry]
From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, take Bus No. 701 or 710 to Seongsanhang Port Bus Stop (travel time approx. 1hr 30min).
– Walk to Seongsanhang Port Passenger Ferry Terminal (approx. 12 min).
– Board ferry bound for Udo Island (travel time 15 min).

* Ferry for Udo departs frequently on a daily basis but may be cancelled in the case of thyphoons and other severe weather. Please check the weather forecast beforehand.
* Vehicle transport available.

* Transportation inquiries:
Seongsanhang Port Passenger Terminal Ticket Office: +82-64-782-5671
Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal +82-64-753-1153
* For more inquiries: Jeju Tourism +82-64-120 (07:00-22:00)

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