Ryu Si Won (류시원) is back with a new album!

Many of my friends are amazed how I could be a fan of an artist and remain very loyal for so many years despite the ups and down of the artist. Guess that is where my strength are after all….

Ryu Si Won (류시원) is a South Korean actor and singer that make his debut in 1994. However, I only first discover him back in 2005 through the drama Wedding (웨딩) starring one of my favorite actress, Jang Na Ra (장나라). It is true his character in the drama that caught my attention to Ryu Si Won (류시원).

Upon discovering that he also sings and is in fact a very popular artist in Japan, I started following his music more than his acting. And of course his news…. All fans would do the same after all!

A photographer who produces his own promo photos, he was the photographer behind Go So’s photo diary, “24 Hours with Go Soo” that spans approximately 100 shots which were also produced as a DVD.

The first Korean artist to hold two live concerts at the Tokyo Dome in December 2008, he held his 100th solo concert in Japan back in 2011. A true testament of his popularity in Japan.

I had truly love his songs which were mainly produced in Japanese. I remember clearly during my first few visit to Japan, visiting Tower Record is a must. And what I do when I am there, I ask for his albums. Whatever I could find on the shelves, I would just grab them and pay without checking the price. And my first time ended up with close to USD450 worth of CDs. My favourite… is this titled: Season

After his divorce scandal between him and his ex-wife back in 2012 / 2013, he remained under the radar. And only concentrating on his racing team in Japan.

End of 2015, he finally announce that he would be returning back into the entertainment industry. And since then, I had anticipated and wait for the release of his new album.

Wish is finally released in October 2016. Imagine my joy upon hearing about the release of the album. Unfortunately, it took me a while to got a hold of this new album. The joy of finally holding the CD in my hand….


Wish has the same titled Budokan concert that was held in November 2016. And this new album has a total of 7 new tracks.

1. Journey ~in my love~
2. 遥愛
3. ノエヨ
4. 君だけを愛してる
5. ヌンムルロ グデヌン
6. 最後の言い訳
7. これから

All these beautiful tracks in Ryu Si Won (류시원) new album, Wish has been on my listening list for about a week. Among these, my favourite is definitely these two:

Journey ~in my love~



So, if you have not listen to Ryu Si Won (류시원) before, do check out his songs that I have shared. I hope that you will enjoy the songs as much as I had enjoyed them.

Want to know more about Ryu Si Won (류시원), check out his fanpage @ Ryu Siwon Fanpage on FB


7 thoughts on “Ryu Si Won (류시원) is back with a new album!

  1. Thank you for your update news of Ryu Si Won. Like you, I became his fan after watching him in Wedding. Love his music/singing. Very happy to know he is returning, hope to see him in a new drama!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Another fan! Yeah! You must go and follow him on his FB page. He is actually active there with the updates on his activities. It is good to see how his popularity in Japan is still so strong. I actually like his Japanese songs as I felt that he speaks very good Japanese.


    1. Me toooooo…. I feel in ❤️ with him from the drama. Love Jang Na Ra… both of them were perfect in the drama. He sings very well too. And he is popular in Japan 🇯🇵


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