What a sad news…. Tommy Page is now gone forever!

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What a sad news to be waking up to….. When I got up this morning and was scrolling through the news online, I was taken aback when I saw the news of Tommy Page passing. At first I thought it was all a joke. Quickly scrolling through Twitters and confirmed that he is indeed gone…..

Tommy Page, Singer and Former Billboard Publisher, Dies at 46

28 years ago, when Tommy Page debuted with Shoulder to Cry On, I was awed when I saw the MV on the television. That was the start of my love into the pop music (having started music at a young age playing piano and organ, most of music that I was exposed to are mainly the classical musics).

I started following Tommy Page‘s music career. Some of my favorites are:

  1. Shoulder to Cry On
  2. Christmas Without You
  3. I’ll be Your Everything
  4. I’m Always Dreaming About You (duet with Sally Yeh)
  5. The Best Part (duet with Amy Mastura)
  6. Close Our Eyes (duet with Tiffany)
  7. Whenever You Close Your Eyes
  8. When I Dream of You

I clearly remembered that just about 2 years ago, I was working in the resort office when I played his songs… driving a very good friend of mine working in the same office insane with his songs. And she even told me that should Tommy Page decide to perform in our country, she will personally buy his tickets for me to attend. Unfortunately, that never came through as the last concert that Tommy did was in June 2016 in Solo, Indonesia.

Gone too soon as they said… a true talented musician…. All we could do now is whatever that he went through leading to him deciding to end his life so quickly, we pray that he has finally found the peace in his heart. And may his soul Rest In Peace.

Goodbye Tommy Page….. thank you for your many beautiful and meaningful songs. You will definitely be missed. Especially come every Christmas when I listen to your Christmas Without You.

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