Beautiful Perth : A day out in the city of Perth

Time indeed flies when you are having fun… it is already our 2nd last day here in Perth, Western Australia 🇦🇺 

Today we decided to spend the day exploring around the city of Perth, while enjoying some shopping 😉

We started the day with walking through the CBD area where the courts are located. We also walked through Stirling Garden where Supreme Court is located.

We walked down toward Barrack Square where The Swan Bells Tower are located. This is a 371 ft high copper and glass campanile where a set of 18 bells are hanging.

Located just by the Swan River, the tower overlooks while forming a sixteen-bell peal are one of the largest sets of change ringing bells in the world.

Next we head towards Elizabeth Quay, a mixed-use development project located north shore of Perth Water that is named in honor of Queen Elizabeth II.

Next stop was a simple yet delicious Indian vegetarian lunch. It is said that this restaurant are run by a group of volunteers. One can eat and pay the amount at the counter to what they deem suitable / reasonable. 

The afternoon continues with shopping around the area. There are lots of shops to choose from. Lucky us, we are traveling during a period where sales were everywhere 😍

Indeed a memorable day for us as we had enjoyed our city exploration cum shopping 😍

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