Beautiful Singapore : Gardens by the Bay

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Greetings from Singapore!

Having the privilege to spend the weekend in Singapore during the 2 weeks training (yes, I just completed one and starting my 2nd week training now), I decided to spend Saturday exploring Gardens by the Bay with dearest girlfriend.

Gardens by the Bay is a part of the Singapore government strategy aiming to enhance the greenery and flora in the city of Singapore.

A nature park located on the reclaimed land in the central of Singapore, Gardens by the Bay is over 101 hectares. Adjacent to the Marina Reservoir, the park consists of three waterfront gardens, Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden with Bay South Garden being the largest at 54 hectares.

To avoid the hot sunny Saturday afternoon sun, we decided to skip the exploration on foot of the 3 bays. So we took the Shuttle Service straight to the conservatory complex. After all, it is only SGD3 per person and it is unlimited rides on the day that it was purchase.

After the short ride to the conservatory section, we were amazed with the beautiful structures all around.

The conservatory complex comprises of two cooled conservatories – The Flower Dome and The Cloud Forest which are situation along the edge of Marina Reservoir.

We choose only to check out Flower Dome for this trip as we knew that we would end up spending almost the entire afternoon exploring… after all, girls does love flowers, right?

Flower Dome, the world’s largest column-less glasshouse over 1.2 hectare in size. It is larger of the two. It replicates mild, dry climate featuring plants found in the Mediterranean and other tropical regions.

There is a total of seven different ‘gardens’ as well as olive grove with bistro, displaying a wide range of beautifully maintained flowers.



We were a little disappointed that we missed the Tulip Flowers show which has recently ended. However, we truly had an enjoyable and fun afternoon checking out the Flower Dome.


The entrance of Flower Dome




It was a truly amazing and fun afternoon. Definitely a highly recommended exploration!

Unfortunately time does not permit us to explore the others areas.

If you are ever in head over to Singapore, make sure enough time is allocated for the exploration of this amazing place. I will definitely try to come back again soon to explore the other areas that I have missed this trip.

For more information on Gardens by the Bay, check out their office website HERE

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