Happy Dragon Boat Festival (祝你端午节快乐)

祝你端午节快乐 Happy Dragon Boat Festival Everyone …. Its the time of the year again….

Last year, when I posted the 祝你端午节快乐 , I had given the introduction on the festival and the significant of it. Today, I will bring a brief history of 龍船節 (translated as Dragon Boat Festival).

There are many versions of the origin of 龍船節 (Lóngchuánjié). One of the most popular one is the story of Qu Yuan (屈原).

It is said that the 龍船節 is to commemorates the death of a popular poet and minister, Qu Yuan (屈原) during the Zhou Dynasty, Warring States period. A member of the Chu Royal House, Qu Yuan (屈原) was a one of the higher authority officers.

However, the King then decided to ally to increase the powerful state of Qin, and Qu Yuan (屈原) was banished for opposing the alliance. He was even accused of treason.

In his exile period, Qu Yuan (屈原) wrote poetry. Qu Yuan (屈原) later was captured in the Chu Capital, after 28 years in exile. In his moment of despair, he commit suicide by jumping into the Miluo River.

A well admired man by the local citizen, they were said to raced out in their boats to save him. This was also said to be the origin of the dragon boat races.

Unable to find his body, the citizens dropped balls of sticky rice into Milou River so that the fish would not eat Qu Yuan’s body but the sticky rice instead. This is said how zongzi (粽子) was created.

Zongzi (粽子), a traditional Chinese food made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo reed, or other large flat leaves. Zongzi (粽子) are cooked by steaming or boiling (although in my part of the world, boiling seems to be more popular).


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