Italian Fusion : Baked pasta with Chinese sausage  and bacon 🥓 

It’s been a long while since I last had baked pasta for dinner. Feeling lazy today, decided to bake pasta for a simple Father’s Day Dinner with the family 😍


  • 300gm pasta (I use ribbon pasta for today)
  • 50gm Chinese sausage – cut into 1/2 thick pieces
  • 3 pieces of bacon 🥓- cut into tiny strips
  • 1 onion – cut into small pieces
  • 200gm sweet corn 🌽 (I use the frozen ones)
  • 150gm broccoli – cut into small pieces
  • 100gm carrot 🥕 – cut into small pieces
  • 150gm button mushroom 🍄- cut into small pieces
  • 3 tablespoon + 3 tablespoon salted butter
  • 50gm + 150gm cheddar cheese 🧀
  • 150gm mozzarella cheese 🧀


  1. Cook the pasta in accordance to the instruction on the package – cook to Adante only
  2. Cooled the pasta with cold water. Drained
  3. In the wok, heat up the salted butter (3 tablespoon)
  4. Sauté the onions
  5. Add in bacon and Chinese sausage. Sauté until fragrant
  6. Add in the corn and sauté for 3 minutes
  7. Add in the cooked pasta and sauté for 3 minutes
  8. Season with salt and pepper
  9. Off the fire and stir in 50gm of cheddar cheese. Mix by stirring lightly
  10. Lined the baking plate with aluminum foil
  11. Pour the pasta mixture into the baking plate
  12. Top with the remaining cheddar and mozzarella cheese
  13. Baked in pre-heated oven at 220c for 15 minutes
  14. Bring to boil water and add some sugar. Blanch the carrots and broccoli for 5 minutes
  15. Remove from the water and drained
  16. In the wok, heat up the remaining butter
  17. Sauté the mushroom. Season with salt and pepper
  18. Add in the broccoli and carrots that was prepared earlier. Season accordingly
  19. Served the vegetables together with the baked pasta 😍

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