Book Review : True Singapore Ghost Stories Vol 25

Twice a month, I would try to bring my boys to the bookstore to check out if there are any new comics or novels that is out. An avid reader, I tried to as much as possible encourage my boys to read 😍

A trip to the bookstore today was indeed been a fruitful one when my eldest came to me with an excited look on his face. In his hand … is the latest release of my favourite series…. Russell Lee’s True Singapore Ghost Stories Vol 25. Yipee!

28 years ago, when RL’s TSGS Vol 1 were released, I started reading this series and became an avid fan of the series. Following that, I ensure that I get my hand on each and every volume as it was released. 

Why I loved this series so much…. the realistic of each stories as they were shared and told in each volume. And when I sat for my 1119 Cambridge English not more than 20 years ago, thanks to reading so much of this series, I managed to complete my essay during the exam within 20 minutes writing my own ghost stories 😍 this is the result of me not satisfied with my earlier writing hence quickly re-write a new one as the exam was coming to an end. I ended up scoring a good result 😉

Volume 25 is a total of 160 pages of reading entertainment. My favourite 3 read from this volume are:

  1. The Cat Man of Owen Road – a story of a young cat lover whom took great care of stray cats. Unfortunately his life was cut short. What is amazing about this story is the part where cats were attending his wake and part of the sent off…. a truly touching story
  2. Grandma’s Promise – a touching story on the love of grandma whom unfortunately departed suddenly
  3. Noisy Neighbours – an eerie story of a young part-time singer when he travel for a short break. (As I travel often for work as well, I could relay on his experience and feelings 😱)

A truly amazing 1 hour of read today as I enjoyed myself with this new volume. A short read…. I can’t wait for the next volume …. hopefully there is no need to wait for several years 😃

So, if you love ghost stories and have not read this series yet… highly recommending True Singapore Ghost Stories by Russell Lee and his team of ghost writers 👻

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