Macau Exploration : Day 1 around Coloane and Macau Tower

Greetings from Macau 🇲🇴 hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Yes, I am on vacation again! And this time, it is the exploration of one of my favorite destination, Macau!

We arrived yesterday afternoon and after checking in, we checked out the shopping area of Venetian. And followed by yummy dinner organized by a friend 🤣

The real adventure of Macau started today. We started with the exploration of Coloane Area. We took a cab over to the middle of Coloane, although bus are readily available 🤣 so for those interested, you may take bus no. 26 or 15 to the place.

First stop…. the popular original Macau Portuguese Egg Tart by Lord Stow. Started by an Englishman, Andrew Stow, he opened Lord Stow’s Bakery on Coloane Island in September 1989. Ensuring that his product are of high quality, he ensures that his produce are of the best ingredients and is without preservative. This leads him to adding a new items into his English baking. During a trip to Portugal in the late-80s, Andrew has become familiar with Pasteis de Nata, an egg tart origins from Belem, Lisbon in 1837.

Though wanted to produce Pasteis de Nata for his customer, Andrew did not had the recipe. Hence, through experiments, he created and introduces Portuguese Egg Tarts that later become widely recognized everywhere. 😍

A visit to the little original bakery by the roundabout in the middle of Coloane area would not be completed without a bite into the yummy, creamy and yet crispy crust egg tarts that are freshly out of the oven 😍

For whole who are interest in having some snacks or food, there are 2 little cosy Cafe just about 1 minute walking distance from the main bakery 😍

Next, a walk around the area where the famous Chapel of St. Francis Xavier is located. The chapel was build in 1928 is located near a monument commemorating a victory over pirates in 1910.

Next is the Biblioteca de Coloane. The beautiful building structure is what attracts me while it is actually a library.

The morning exploration ended with us taking the bus no 26, also available on bus no 15 to Hac Sa Beach area where we had a memorable Portuguese lunch with our friends. Our final adventure of the day ended with our Macau Skywalk Experience. Although it was drizzling, our instructor was indeed a very friendly and helpful young chap. We had a memorable experience walking around the tower under the drizzling rain while having to stop and pose for photos in between. Some exciting and scary moments we had indeed. An experience that got us planning to return to check out again soon in better weather, sunny afternoon.

We were very lucky as Macau Food Fair is on-going in front of the Macau Tower, so we had a wonderful evening exploring the various food stalls. Eat eat eat till our stomach is about to burst! 🤣

Indeed a fantastic way to end the evening and have a good rest before our next and final adventure in Macau for thistrip.

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