Macau Exploration : Day 2, checking out Senado Square and it’s surrounding

We woke up to a raining morning which was a bummer to us as that means that most of our plans for that day needs to be cancelled 😭

Day 2 exploration started with us taking the hotel bus shuttle to Macau ferry terminal where we took the cab to Senado Square.

Some of the roads has indeed changed hence we took a short 10 minutes before arriving in a Senado Square.

Senado Square (Largo do Senado) is a paved town square in Macau and is a recognized Historic Centre of Macau as well as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

e rain has indeed dampened the mood hence there were less crowd around the area 😉

First stop, checked out the Macau Tourism Centre which is located right in front of the fountain to check out new brochures.

Next we settled into the popular noodle shop next to the Macau Tourism Board for our brunch. Wise choice indeed as the food and services was good.

After filling our stomach, off we head for our exploration. First stop, St. Dominic’s Church (Igreha de São Domingos), a late 16th-century Baroque-style Roman Catholic Church. It is located at the Leal Senado Building (Largo de São Domingos). St. Dominic Church is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site and Historic Centre of Macau.

Next to the church is the Treasure of Sacred Heart where one can see all the relics exhibitions. Indeed a worthwhile exploration.

It seems like the rain will not be stopping anytime soon. So walking through the puddles under the umbrella shielding us from the rain, we head towards our next destination, of the day 😍

We walked up the steep slope while checking out the many yummy treats sold in the store. There are many famous Macau goodies sold here….. with many of the popular chain store ie Koi Kei that has their store located not far from each other. So if you find one store too crowded, head further up and guarantee that you will see more store 😍

Finally we reached our desired destination. The weather may be a bummer to us, nothing is going to stop us in reaching our goal of seeing the icon of Macau, the Ruins of St. Paul.

As part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as part of Historic Centre of Macau, the Ruins of St Paul is a 17th-century complex in Santo António. It includes the original St. Paul’s College and the Church if St. Paul, a Portuguese church dedicated to Saint Paul. This is also the iconic landmarks of Macau.

We decided to end our exploration here as the rain is really a nuisance 😭. Guess this means that we will be back again to Macau to continue our exploration of Macau.

Time for a break so we walked to Wynn Resort for our late lunch. We stop by one of the restaurant in the Wynn Casino for some yummy Chinese cuisine 😍

Guess it is really not our luck as after lunch, we headed to watch Tree of Prosperity only to discover that it is under maintenance and not available till end of this year.

Ending our exploration for the day where we head back for an early rest before dinner. And ending my day with a fantastic get-together with friend whom resides in Macau.

Time flies when one is having fun as they say. This ends our final night in Macau as we are all heading home to our respective country the next day.

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