Macau Exploration : Day 3, morning exploration of Taipa Area

Time flies when one is having fun indeed. We have finally come to the end of our trip. On this morning before our departure back to our respective countries, we decided to use the remaining time to explore Taipa, which is only located about 15 minutes walk from Cotai Area where we were staying.

Taipa, known as 氹仔 – Tam Chai in Cantonese, Tanzai in Mandarin is one of the islands on Macau. Situated between Macau Peninsular and Coloane Island, it is now joined with Coloane by the Cotai Strip which is part of the reclaimed area. Taipa used to be the rural area but the massive development has seen this part of the island being transformed into a beautiful area. Our exploration this morning is the Taipa Village, an increasingly popular heritage district that is part of the heritage. The blending of the architecturally beautiful local shop houses with vibrant retail, food and beverage concepts has made this place a new tourist attraction.

Located in the oldest and best preserved area of Taipa, Taipa Village was formerly home to local fishermen with traditional shophouses and quaint cobbled streets that offers an antidote to the glitz of the Cotai Strip. Taipa Village is rich with the Portuguese and Chinese architecture, offering a culturally diverse landmark with a taste of the original and authentic Macau. Taipa Village combines a rich cultural heritage with historic beauty, harking back to an idyllic blend of East and West.

Our exploration started with a quick stop at the store to check out the local artist work.

As they say, one visit to Macau is not complete without sampling the popular Serradura, a popular dessert originated from Portugal that later became popular in Macau. Also know as sawdust pudding or Macau Pudding, it has layered of whipped cream and crumbled Marie biscuits. The name Serradura is the Portuguese word for ‘Sawdust’ which refers to the way the biscuits look in the pudding as they were crushed very finely into a powdery crumbs.

So, our next stop was for a quick coffee and Serradura and Serradura Cake in a cosy little cafe named Bitter Sweet.

After filling our tummy, more exploration around the shops.

For the lovers of the popular Almond Cookies, check out the traditional shop that sell these almond cookies. Our hotel concierge team had highly recommended this shop to us earlier when we were checking out, stating that this shop still make the cookies the traditional way using the coal stove. So, one definitely should not give this stop a miss to check out their goodies. We know we did!

As we continue our exploration, we found the beautiful church of Our Lady of Carmo Church (嘉模聖母堂), a Catholic Church that stands on a hill overlooking scenic Taipa Village. Wrapped up in a light-yellow stucco walls, this three-storey church was the sole Catholic Church in Taipa back in 1885.

It is said that Romance always blossoms when one visits in this vicinity. And there is an official department for marriage registration that is located opposite of the church. Therefore this place is an ideal backdrop for wedding photo shooting. No wonder the place was packed with couples taking photographs.

Soon, it is almost lunch time. The time is getting closer for us to say our goodbye soon. Our final stop for the day is for lunch in the António, an award-winning Portuguese restaurant that was established in 2007 in Taipa Village Macau. Chef António, after years of service in military army, decided to lead his career as a master chef. The restaurant strives to promote Portuguese food and culture in Macau with authentic Portuguese dishes with modern twist.

Our first experience in Michelin Guide Recommended Restaurant, it was a truly memorable experience with great food and warm ambience. I personally loved the details reflected from the distinctive furnishings and the Portuguese accessories in the restaurant. A truly amazing experience.

As there were only 3 of us, we only managed to order the following dishes that we had truly enjoyed.

Legumes Cozidos Diversos com ovo e Molho de Manteiga e Limao, assorted steamed fresh vegetables with egg and butter lemon sauce. The sauce blended perfectly into the freshly steamed seasonal vegetables

Acorda de Mariscos Diversos, Mashed bread paste with assorted seafood. Indeed a beautiful combination that are very flavourful.

Caril de Camarao Servido com Arroz Branco, Prawns curry served with plain rice. A truly awesome and amazing dish!

A truly memorable meal together before we say our goodbyes. Filling our tummy, we head back to the resort to collect our luggage before we head off back to our respective country. Goodbye for now! We will definitely be back for more exploration of Macau.

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