Beautiful Hanoi : The Old Quarter

Ending our adventurous and educational visit to The Temple of Literature we are off next for a memorable lunch.

Lunch was in a fantastic restaurant located in The Old Quarter, named Maison D’Yen. The food were fantastic and it is a great location. Cosy as well.

After lunch, our friendly tour guide arranged for us an hour ride in the trishaw around The Old Quarter. For only USD8 per person, we had 1 trishaw to each person. A truly amazing experience as we had the privilege to experience the wonders of the exciting traffic on Hanoi. One of the exciting moment is when I had a car and motorbike heading straight towards me while sitting in the trishaw. And at the crucial moment, the car and motorbike miraculously shift to the left…. What a trilling experience. 😱<

The Old Quarter (Vietnamese: Phố cổ Hà Nội) is located outside of Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long and has been in existence since imperial times. What used to be a residential and commercial area, it is now an attraction and part of the history of Hanoi.

The area is bustling with many different type of shops. From coffee joints, to toys to clothings and many more. There are many factory outlets located within the area as well.

The 1 hour ride on the trishaw ended back from the start of our journey, the restaurant where we had our lunch. Ending a memorable and exciting exploration on the wheel around The Old Quarter.

Now, off we go for our next adventure….. stay tune!

Our memorable holiday to Vietnam is arranged by the friendly and helpful team at Hanoi Boutique Hotel

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