Ancient Hanoi : The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (Bảo tàng Dân tộc học Việt Nam)

Completing the exploration of The Old Quarter, it is time to learn about the 54 different ethnic groups of Vietnam. So off we head for an educational afternoon at The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.

The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (Vietnamese: Bảo tàng Dân tộc học Việt Nam) is build in an effort to preserve the cultural heritage while promoting the social-cultural diversity within the beautiful country of Vietnam.

Originally not part of our tour, we were very happy and grateful that our friendly guide decided to bring us here. It is a fantastic places where one is able to explore the different type of lifestyle and accommodation of the different ethnics. We are able to learn about their culture and see their daily livelihood.

There are both indoors and outdoors section of The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. We only explored the outdoors display as we find the activities and exhibits here are more exciting and educational. While the in-door exhibit information.

The outdoor exhibit a number of houses modelling the traditional architecture of the ethnic minorities focusing mainly on those living in the Northern and Central highlands. There are also traditional games and activities available here for live experience. Indeed a great choice as it gives us an insight on those ethnics minorities living in the remote areas of Vietnam.

Address: Nguyen Van Huyen, Hanoi
Opening hours: Everyday except for Monday, 8:30-17:30
Entrance fee: 25,000 (or USD 1.20); camera fee: 50,000 (USD 2)

Completing the education and exciting exploration of The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology marks the end of our Day 1 exploration of Hanoi. We head off to Hanoi Boutique Hotel for a short rest and dinner before we head off for our night train to our next destination….. Sapa.

Dinner was arranged in the hotel giving us the opportunity to have more time to rest. Indeed very thoughtful of the team.



Our memorable holiday to Vietnam is arranged by the friendly and helpful team at Hanoi Boutique Hotel

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