Beautiful Sapa : Cat Cat Village

After getting enough rest after our exciting adventure of Lao Cai Province, we started our Day 2 exploration in Sapa with Cat Cat Village.

We were a little disappointed that the day started with a moody weather as it was drizzling and foggy. Our exploration started with trekking into Cat Cat Village which is located only 1km from Sapa Town. It is located at the bottom of the Muong Hoa Valley. 

Cat Cat Village is an age-old village of the Hmong ethnic group with their unique customs and practices.

We started our adventure with a talk through the Sapa market down into the valley. Once we arrived into the valley, despite the gloomy morning, we were amazed with the nature’s beauty with beautiful high mountains and green rice terraces. 

While trekking down, we have the opportunity to admire the colourful village with images of the locals looming with colourful pieces of brocade in designs of birds and flowers. We are also able to see many other talents of the villagers from gold to silver jewellery. 

Cat Cat Valley is indeed a must visit place as it features the many unique customs and the discovery of the unique features of the Hmong people. 

During the walk we are able to see the beauty of the nature. An amazing sight.

Further walk into the valley, we arrived at the beautiful waterfall area. Simply amazing to be able to see the beautiful nature of the area. And next to the waterfall area, there are also an area where visitors are able to experience some of the common activities in the village. 

IMG_9551Panorama view of the waterfall area


IMG_9611Panorama view of another house and look-out point

We ended our 3 hours hike around Cat Cat Village area. A truly amazing and memorable hike, we had learned and seen so much of the Hmong people.


Off we head for a yummy home-cook lunch before we head to our afternoon adventure.

Our afternoon adventure to Fransipan was a little disappointing as it was raining heavily when we got up onto the mountain. So we only managed to explore within the cable car indoor area before we head back down. Another early night for us. Unfortunate but this also gives us a reason to come back again!


Our Day 2 adventure ended with another fantastic dinner arranged by our agent.

Stay tune for our Day 3 – Sapa exploration.

Our memorable holiday to Vietnam is arranged by the friendly and helpful team at Hanoi Boutique Hotel


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Sapa : Cat Cat Village

  1. I really like your posts about Sapa, all are with full of nice images. I just recognize that many times we need travelers like you, to show us the beauty of our own country. I was also been in Sapa once, but it was about 15 years ago. I still remember the ride with a local motorbike (“xe om”). At that moment roads in Sapa were very bad, and our short trip went through a road like a dried stream, with huge rocks and one side look down to the valley. I was freaked out that decide to walk by myself on return, it about 10 km :). Sapa is always a good choice of tourist destination in the North. I found Ha Long is a little bit boring as I am interested in people and culture. If you ever travel Vietnam again I would suggest you visit Da Nang and Nha Trang in the centre of VIetnam. They are coast city with many nice beaches, good weather, friendly citizens. If anyone need more info about Vietnam destination, please visit our website at Good luck on your next journey!

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    1. Thank you for dropping the note. Yes indeed we love Sapa a fair bit and am intending to visit again in a different season to see the beauty of the place. Da Nang and Hue is our next planned destination when we revisit Vietnam again hopefully soon 🤣 We visited another beautiful place after Halong Bay. Stay tune for the post and read about our adventure


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