Beautiful Sapa : Ta Van Village

Crossing over the wooden bridge through the Muong Hoa Valley water stream, you will reach Ta Van Village, where two major minorities groups: the Giay and the Dao resides.

Ta Van Village is a picturesque valley of Muong Hoa Valley where one has the advantage to stay in the cosy home-stay for a close-up experience of the life-style and culture of the Giay  and Dao minorities of Vietnam.

We started our journey with trekking across Muong Hoa Valley before arriving to Ta Van Village. The trek is indeed a memorable one as we trek amongst the beautiful rice paddy and corn terrace fields. Although it is not as green and colourful as it is normally is because of the winter season, one is still able to see the beauty of the nature. Now, this is one place I would definitely return in a different season.

The trekking along Ta Van Village is about 3.5 hours long but it is indeed an enjoyable trek.

One of the unique experience is having the lady from one of the minorities group (not able to speak their language hence don’t know which ethnic they are from) that were following us around from the start of our Muong Hoa Valley trek. A truly unique experience as she seems amazed at the photos that we take from our phone and camera (wanting to see every photos we have taken).

They offered to sell their handmade stuff at the end of the tour however, it is okay to say no. They are truly a hospitable and warm people.

Our trek of Ta Van Village ends in the school area before we boarded our van to head back to the resort for another wonderful home-cook lunch prepared by our agent. We took the night train from Lao Chai back to Hanoi, ending our memorable exploration of the beautiful area of Lao Chai, Bac Ha and Sapa. A truly memorable experience that we hope to be able to return soon.


Our memorable holiday to Vietnam is arranged by the friendly and helpful team at Hanoi Boutique Hotel


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