South Korea Travel : Andong Hahoe Folk Village [UNESCO World Heritage] (안동 하회마을)

Finally! I manage to complete one of my bucket list….. Exploration to Andong Hahoe Folk Village (안동 하회마을), a part of  UNESCO World Heritage.

I must say that it is definitely not easy to do research on how to get to Andong from Seoul. After several weeks of planning and attempt, we finally managed to complete our research and planning.

Due to the limited number of person travelling together, we decided to take the bus to Andong. So, we pre-purchased our via Online Bus Ticket Site for Korea. We bought tickets from Seoul Gyeongbu Bus Terminal heading to Andong Bus Terminal.

Alternatively, for up to a maximum of 7 person in your party, private van transfer is available via Andong Hahoe Folk Village 1 Day Private Tour.

After a 2.5 hours bus journey, we finally arrived in Andong Bus Terminal. From the terminal, to safe time, we took the cab directly to Andong Hahoe Folk Village (안동 하회마을) since there were exactly 4 of us travelling in the party. The journey to Andong Hahoe Folk Village (안동 하회마을) took us about 30 minutes drive and cost only about KRW25,000 (metered taxi)

Alternatively, one is able to take bus from Andong Bus Terminal, Bus No 46 to Hahoe Village (하회마을). Bus 46 runs from 06:20-18:20, 10 times a day.

Arriving at the drop off point at Andong Hahoe Folk Village (안동 하회마을) ticketing area, we bought our tickets and then boarded the feeder bus that brings us into the entrance of the village. Admission fees are : Adults 5,000 won / Teenagers 2,500 won / Children 1,500 won


Finally! Our exploration of Andong Hahoe Folk Village (안동 하회마을) starts!

Andong Hahoe Folk Village (안동 하회마을), became part of UNESCO World Heritage List under the category of “Historic Villages in Korea” on July 31, 2010. It is the home to the descendants of the Ryu clan of Pungsan and a well-known for its traditional hanok houses.

Andong Hahoe Folk Village (안동 하회마을) is also the birthplace for the renowned scholars of the Joseon Period, Ryu Un-Ryong and Ryu Seong-Ryong.


We started our exploration with a pit stop at the gift shop located near the entrance of Andong Hahoe Folk Village (안동 하회마을).

Based on the villager’s recommendation, we decided to select a few interesting spots to explore due to the limited time that we have for the day. So we started with heading for the famous Samsidang (삼신당), an over 600 years old zelkova tree located in the centre of Andong Hahoe Folk Village (안동 하회마을)Samsidang (삼신당) is also known as the Shrine of the Three Gods.

Our next stop, one of the Treasure No 306, Yangjindang (양진당) House. This is the head house of the Pungsan line of the Ryu family. It is said also that this is the oldest house among the noblemen’s house around the village. Yangjindang (양진당) House is a beautiful manor that has been excellently preserved with the original typical architecture of the early Joseon Dynasty upper-class houses.

It is also said that Queen Elizabeth of England visited this place back in 1999, making  Andong Hahoe Folk Village (안동 하회마을) very popular after that. So when we arrived at Chunghyodang (충효당) House, we saw the Korean Fir Tree that was planted by Queen Elizabeth during her visit.

Chunghyodang (충효당) House, Treasure No 414 is the head house of the Ryu Seong-Yong, a prominent politician and wartime Prime Minister.

One stop not to be missed when visiting Andong Hahoe Folk Village (안동 하회마을) is definitely the Yeongmogak Relic Hall (영모각). Here in this relic Hall, one is able to see the old documents, relics and even book about Imjin War (1592-1598) that was written by Ryu Seong-Yong, the Prime Minister in the Joseon Dynasty. We were also lucky to be able to see some of the beautiful flowers / sakura around the area.

We explore around the area for a little while more…. checking out some of the very unique hanok. One of our adventurous friend actually climb up a little slope at the side of the road to take photo of a beautiful house from the side….


Photo credit to Michelle T 

A quick pit stop at the Folk Playground for a quick swing….


Our next stop…. Mansongjeong Forest (만송정숲) where we had so much fun posing for photos in between beautiful pine trees.

From Mansongjeong Forest (만송정숲), we head to check out Buyongdae Cliff (부용대). We decided not to take the ferry / boat across as we were also running out of time.

Buyongdae Cliff (부용대) is a 64 meters high cliff across the river from Mansongjeong Forest (만송정숲). It is said that a hike up to the summit, one is able to get the bird’s eye view of Andong Hahoe Folk Village (안동 하회마을). Hopefully, I would be able to return one day to accomplish this mission….


Finally, it is time to say goodbye to Andong Hahoe Folk Village (안동 하회마을). We took a walk down the beautiful (imagining the cherry blossoms on the tree) as when we were there, unfortunately, there were no bloom in sight along that path.


We head back to the main entrance of Andong Hahoe Folk Village (안동 하회마을) by taking the feeder bus. We head to wait for the Public Bus, Bus No 46 to head to our last stop of the day before we head back to Andong Bus Terminal.



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