Beautiful Poland : Exploring Kleparz neighbourhood, Krakow

Almost 20 hours, 2 transits through different country, we finally arrived in Krakow for our Summer Vacation 2018. It was indeed a tiring journey for us as this is the longest flight journey that most of us have taken to date, myself inclusive.

Poland, officially known as Republic of Poland is located in Central Europe, one of the sixth most populous member of European Union.

Our first stop is Krakow. To our surprise, we did not had to go through any immigrate upon our arrival in Krakow, flying in from Munich. We later found out that this is because we were transiting from Munich and both countries were part of European Union.

Krakow, is one of the oldest cities that is filled with many meaningful history and is the second largest city in Poland. One of Poland’s most important economic hubs, Krakow is also known for leading centres of Polish academic, cultural and artistic life.

Krakow was the original capital of Poland until it was moved to Warsaw in 1596 by Sigismund III of the House of Vasa.

After checking into our Airbnb that is located only about 15 minutes walk from Old Town Square, we head our for our first adventure of the day. We decided to take a slow walk while trying to locate Galeria (shopping Mall) to try to obtain a Polish sim card.

Our walk brought us to Kleparz, where Jan Matejko Square is located. Jan Alojzy Matejko is a well-known Polish painter for paintings of notable historical Polish political and military events.

We even managed to do the night view of Jan Matejko Square

Jan Alojzy Matejko became the President of Krakow Academy of Fine Arts that is also located next to Jan Matejko Square.


Our next stop is St. Florian’s Church, a historic church that stands at the northern end of Jan Matejko Square.

St. Florian’s Church was built between 1185 and 1216 and it was burnt down many times over the past years. However, during these fire, the church, containing St. Florian’s relics survived. Since then, St. Florian, a Roman Legion officer carrying water has been revered in Poland as patron saint of firefighters and chimneysweeps. The present appearance is the result of a Baroque renovation after the Polish-Swedish wars.

Walking around for a while, we finally found Galeria, the mall that we were heading towards to obtain our Polish sim card. A quick lunch and after getting our sim card, we headed out for our next exploration of the day. Stay tune!

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