Beautiful Poland : Wooden Church Tour – St. Michael Archangel’s Church, Binarowa

Ending our exploration of St. Leonard’s Churchback into the van we go…. for our 1 hour journey to our next destination….. St. Michael Archangel’s Church located in Binarowa.

St. Michael Archangel’s Church, Kosciol Sw. Michala Archaniola in Polish a Gothic Wooden Church that is located in Binarowa Village that is located about 115 km southeast of Krakow. 

The church is build in 1500 with walls that was covered with shingles. The tower was then added in 1596 while the outside as well as the concrete belfry and chapel at the northern side were from the 17th century.

St. Michael Archangel’s Church, is rich with valuable furnishing of the 16th and the 17th centuries.

The interior is decorated art gallery where the ceiling has precious paintings from the beginning of the 16th Century while the walls have baroque biblical cycles. In the chapel, there are unique poly-chrome decoration from 1655.

The most precious church fittings are the Gothic sculptures daring from the end of the 14th century, Madonna with Child, the bas-reliefs of St. Margaret, St. Dorothy, St. Catherine and St. Barbara that was found in the side altars.


The Baptism Well in St. Michael Archangel’s Church that is still being used today


One of the olden Pew in St. Michael Archangel’s Church. How much tinier people back then used to be….

There are also drawings of everyday life with meanings behind them. Back then, it is said that not many people are educated. Hence, they use pictures as teaching instead.

We were privilege as the passionate caretaker of St. Michael Archangel’s Church also brought us to the back of the church where we were able to see the room of the Priest. The furnishing in the Priest Room were also from the past.

The original safe of St. Michael Archangel’s Church that is still being use today for the safekeeping of the valuable items


St. Michael Archangel’s Church entered into UNESCO World Heritage list in 2003.

After spending almost 45 minutes in St. Michael Archangel’s Church learning about the history and exploring the beautiful Wooden Church, it is time for us to head off to our next Wooden Church Adventure, Church of SS Philip and Jacob of Sekowa which is about 20 minutes drive away.


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