Beautiful Poland : Wooden Church Tour – Saints Philip and James Church, Sekowa

Ending our exciting exploration of St. Michael Archangel’s Church in Binawora, we took another 20 minutes drive to Sekowa for our next Wooden Church Exploration.

Sekowa is a historical village in the rural area under the Gorlice County district that is on the Polish Slovak border. It is approximately 17 kilometres south-east of Gorlice and about 105 km south-east of Krakow.

Saints Philip and James Church is a wooden Gothic Church that is from the 15th century. It was designated as part of the UNESCO Wooden Churches of Southern Lesser Poland in 2003.

Saints Philip and James Church is filled with history. It is called the Pearl of Beskid Niski (Perla Beskidu Niskiego) due to its unique architecture and history. It was build back in the 15th century.

Saints Philip and James Church is build on gravel foundations. The interior of this church is poor as the church was badly damaged during the 1914-1915 years in World War I during the Gorlice-Tarnow Offensive where the wooden material from the church was used for trenches and firewood.

One of the most precious wooden churches in MalopolskaSaints Philip and James Church was erected in 1520 from hand-cut larch-wood logs. In the 18th century, a spire and extensive covered veranda were added.

The exterior of Saints Philip and James Church with the exception of the bell-house is covered with shingles giving enhanced picturesque appeal of the building.


The main altar is from the late-renaissance of the early 17th century that was then reconstructed in 1948-49. The altar’s rich poly-chrome decoration includes a painting depicting St. Nicholas, St. Bernard and St. Anthony along with a sculpture of the Savior of the World.

After the World War I, the church was reconstructed in 1918 which is then followed by the second half of the 20th century.

A short visit to Saints Philip and James Church that is filled with sad history ended before we head off to our last Wooden Church of the day, St Paraskeva Church in Kwiatoń.

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