Beautiful Poland – Day 2, A day walking around Wroclaw

Exciting day with exploration of Wroclaw – Market Square, we started our Day 2 in Wroclaw with morning walk to Ostrów Tumski.

Ostrów Tumski, also known as Cathedral Island is located in the oldest part of the city of Wroclaw. Formerly an island, it is located in between the branches of Oder River. It is known as one of the most beautiful surviving sacred architecture sites, a reminder of the early Middle Ages in Europe.

Ostrów Tumski were built in the 10th century and were mainly made from wood. In the early of 11th century, the first building, St Martin Chapel was build.

Later in the 1163 settlement that was raided by Boleslaw I the Tall, he began replacing the wooden defences with brick ones while building a Roman-style residence.

We started with Tumski Bridge, known as Most Tumski in Polish, is a steel bridge that was constructed in 1889 replacing an old wooden bridge that connects Ostrów Tumski and Wyspa Piaskowa. This is pedestrians only bridge.

Tumski Bridge, is also known as Lovers Bridge, Cathedral Bridge or Green Bridge. The bridge is full of love locks where lovers will leave their love on the lock and then throw the key into the Odra River.

Although it was a gloomy morning with gloomy weather, the place was filled with tourist from all places exploring the place. And in the middle of the place, we saw a talented musician performing. Beautiful music in the morning indeed.


The highlight of the area for us is The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Wrocław, known as Archikatedra św. Jana Chrzciciela in Polish. This is also a landmark in the city of Wroclaw.

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Wrocław is a Gothic church with Neo-Gothic additions. It is said that this cathedral is the fourth church build on the site.

The entrance of The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is indeed very stunning. Strong solid wooden door with beautiful stone carvings.

And then we walked into a beautiful interior of the church. It is said that there the largest pipe organ in Poland that was build back in 1913 is located here. Unfortunately, we did not see it maybe because we missed it as we were too awe with the beautiful interior.

The tower of the Cathedral requires the ticket to be purchase which were available at the entrance of the church. We however, choose to skip this as non of us were in the spirit of climbing up the stairs.

After a short exploration inside The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, we head out to continue our exploration. We also stop for some photo sessions around the side of the Cathedral.

There is many churches that are located in Ostrów Tumski. Many of them with their own unique history and stories.


Archbishop′s Palace

Before ending our exploration of Ostrów Tumski, a quick coffee break to enjoy the coffee and yummy tiramisu.

After a good rest over a good cup of coffee and tiramisu, we continued our exploration walking the surrounding while enjoying the beautiful surrounding.

We took a short rest back in the apartment after lunch before heading out for our late afternoon exploration, Sky Tower. Along the way, we came across The Anonymous Pedestrian.

The Anonymous Pedestrian is sculpture that represent the people who went down under the pavement and emerge from it.


After the almost 1 hour walk to Sky Tower, we were a little disappointment to find out that the tickets have been sold out for the day. So we purchased the ticket for the following day before taking our slow and yet enjoyable walk back while enjoying the early autumn breeze.



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