PassionFruit Butter Cake

Since the start of the lock down, I have many hilarious experience with vegetables and fruits orders 🤣 so I ended up with 1kg worth of passionfruit. And no one in the household like passionfruit. So I decided to attempt baking passionfruit butter cake. Happy with the outcome. And the best part is that the family loved them too 😍

Passionfruit Butter Cake

230gm butter soften at room temperature
170gm brown sugar
200gm self-raising flour
200gm eggs (separate egg white and yolk)
50gm sugar
20ml milk
40ml passion fruit (blended together)

1) whisk egg white till half form
2) slowly add in the 50gm sugar
3) beat until firm and set aside
4) beat the butter and 150gm sugar till fluffy
5) add in egg yolk 1 at a time and mix well between them
6) fold in 1/2 of the flour and mix well
7) pour into the batter the milk and passion fruit mix together slowly and mix well
8) fold in the remaining flour
9) add in half of the egg white mixture and best at medium speed for 2 minutes
10) fold in by hand the remaining egg white until well blended
11) pour into the baking tin lined with baking paper
12) baked at pre-heated oven at 150c for 70 minutes


100gm icing sugar
2 tablespoon passion fruit blended
1 tablespoon soften butter
1 tablespoon milk

1) mix all ingredients and whip till light and fluffy
2) spread on cooled down cake

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