Korean Cuisine : Spicy Pork Ribs Bulgogi (돼지갈비구이불고기)

Family is getting a little bored with the simple dishes that I have been preparing for dinner recently due to my work schedule. So, since it had been a relaxing weekend, I decided to prepare something more flavorful for dinner. Found some Gochujang (고추장) in my fridge so decided to prepare a simple grilled dish, Spicy … More Korean Cuisine : Spicy Pork Ribs Bulgogi (돼지갈비구이불고기)

Beef Shepherd Pie 

A shepherd’s pie is basically a casserole with a layer of meat with vegetables, topped with mashed potatoes. It is then baked until well browned. Originated from U.K, it is most commonly made from lamb.  I recently had Shepherd Pie over lunch while doing 1 to 1 training with my colleague whom were in town … More Beef Shepherd Pie 

Sweet Potato Balls 

I was first introduced to these yummy treats many years ago during my first visit to Taiwan 🇹🇼. After the trip, whenever we visit the Taiwanese cuisine restaurant, we order Sweet Potato Balls where it is available as it is indeed one of the favorite snacks that my eldest truly enjoyed. Recently, I came across … More Sweet Potato Balls 

Kaffir Fried Chicken 

My youngest is so into fried chicken lately…. 😱 and so this mother uses the opportunity to experiment with different type of chicken flavouring 😉 so for tonight’s dinner, decided to use kaffir lime powder to marinate the chicken. Surprisingly, it turns out super yummy 😍 so… a happy boy makes a happy mother 😍🤣 … More Kaffir Fried Chicken 

Italian Fusion : Baked pasta with Chinese sausage  and bacon 🥓 

It’s been a long while since I last had baked pasta for dinner. Feeling lazy today, decided to bake pasta for a simple Father’s Day Dinner with the family 😍 Ingredients: 300gm pasta (I use ribbon pasta for today) 50gm Chinese sausage – cut into 1/2 thick pieces 3 pieces of bacon 🥓- cut into … More Italian Fusion : Baked pasta with Chinese sausage  and bacon 🥓