Takayama Travel : Hida Folk Village (飛騨の里)

It is winter again…. for someone staying in a country where it is humid almost year round, heading to the cold winter aka snowy country is something exciting that we look forward to. Although friends whom have grown up in a four season country may have different opinions. I remember once having an interesting conversation … More Takayama Travel : Hida Folk Village (飛騨の里)

Takayama Travel : Miyagawa Market (宮川朝市)

On our way to Shirakawa-go (白川郷), we made a stop in night stop in Takayama (高山) which give us the opportunity to explore this beautiful and peaceful mountainous Hida region of Gifu Prefecture. Takayama (高山) retains a traditional touch making it a beautifully preserved old town. Now Takayama (高山) is ranked as one of the prime destination … More Takayama Travel : Miyagawa Market (宮川朝市)